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"We come to you"
The Car Doctor - Mobile Auto Repair
The Car Doctor
Mobile Auto Repair

"We come to you"

(916) 225-4486

Now Serving Sacramento's Mobile Car Repair and surrounding areas needs.

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Mobile Auto Repair

The Car Doctor will "come to you" and service or repair your vehicle on site.


No matter the job, big or small, we carry all the tools required to service your vehicle!


* Guaranteed Parts and Service
* Honesty & Integrity
* Trusted in the field since 1994
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Technology and your car

I now have the best in updated technology to find the hardest computer related/sensor problems with those pesky check engine light issues. The scanner I have checks every computer on your car! I know you're probably thinking...What? Every Computer? Yes, your vehicle probably has more than one if it's after 2000 or on some vehicles before.

What some people don't know is, there is a module/computer for the engine, transmission, and body/interior and more if you own an infamous German automobile yah?
My scanner will diagnose all of it, take pictures,get on line, and talk to your mother with a touch screen to boot! OK, maybe not talk to your mother, but you get the picture.

So, long story short, IF your check engine light is on... DON'T wait to get it checked out! I've seen cases where O2 sensors failed and injectors ran too rich and caused cat's to fail! Not Kitty Cats..... catalytic converters. Which can be extremely expensive on some newer cars.

Anyway, my .02 cents just trying to help.
Sincerely, Car Doctor

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