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"We come to you"
The Car Doctor - Mobile Auto Repair
The Car Doctor
Mobile Auto Repair

"We come to you"

(916) 225-4486

Now Serving Sacramento's Mobile Car Repair and surrounding areas needs.

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Mobile Auto Repair

The Car Doctor will "come to you" and service or repair your vehicle on site.


No matter the job, big or small, we carry all the tools required to service your vehicle!


* Guaranteed Parts and Service
* Honesty & Integrity
* Trusted in the field since 1994
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Summer to-do list

As we embark upon summer, It's a good idea to check your antifreeze level and add to your overflow tank as necessary. Many people think that antifreeze helps cool a vehicle but it's the opposite. Water is best to cool an engine so always use a 50/50 mix or even 60/40 in the summer water being 60%... Unless you live in a cold climate. Antifreeze simply helps to protect your engine block from rust and obviously from freezing in cold months. Remember to check oil regularly and tire pressures are key to best fuel economy along with a new air filter.

Funny story: A guy called me once and asks "How much to replace my Cadillac converter in my Hyundai?"
Reply: " I wasn't aware Cadillac made parts for Hyundai".

Happy motoring, Brandt

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